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Dear members,

We are very exciting to announce you that our first referral contest is strating today.

Our Referral Contest will start Jan 18,2018 and will end Feb 18,2018.

There will be 10 places to be awarded. Listed are the following awards.

Your present referrals will also be counted in this Contest.

Good Luck!

Who is eligible? - All users.

This is a direct referrals contest.

So, here are the prizes available:

1st : $100
2nd : $75
3rd : $50
4th : $25
5th : $15
6th : $10
7th : $5
8th : $3
9th : $2
10th: $1

the winners will be displayed and their accounts credit one week after the opening of the site.

Happy earning guys
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Mod Edit: Referral link removed, refer to terms of service 4.3